The Task Of A Data Protection Officer

With General Data Protection Regulation roughly a year away from being enforced, every possible aspect related to the regulation and law is being prepared and completed. One of the aspects being worked on currently is the accompanying officers needed to ensure that everything goes according to the new law and regulation. Read on to find out what said officer is and what the position is responsible for.

In order to ensure the regulation is effective and is running as it should, the role of a Data Protection Officer is needed. Data protection officers are designated individuals who are appointed by organizations for a period of two years and may be reappointed for numerous times should the organizations feel the need to do so. The officer is not only responsible for the monitoring of organization that collects and stores personal data of EU nationals, but also ensures that the organization is indeed complying to the data protection laws and regulations.

Many people will probably assume that, judging from the previously mentioned assignment, the job of data protection officers are a piece of cake – however, that cannot be further from the truth as the job requires a high level of precision and veracity. This largely due to the nature of the job that requires documentation, from the moment they step into the office building to inform them of their obligations, training, to the application and implementation of each laws and regulations. Every small detail pertaining to the activity must be well documented. The following is a list of the example of the activities they must document:

  • Documenting each contact details of the organization.
  • Documenting the types of subjects along with the data, and the purpose of data collecting as well as processing.
  • Documenting the recipient of said data processing.

·         Documenting whether or not the data collected and processed is being transferred outside the European Union.

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